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Freshly ground, part three

Staying with personal care, here are some more ways to reap benefits from your used coffee grounds. (And people throw these things away!) Last time I told you how to use them in (or as) a body scrub, or a facial scrub (massage very gently on the face), for radiant skin. You can also: Use […]

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Freshly ground, part two

Freshly ground, part two

This next post in my series on re-using coffee grounds is on one way to benefit from them for personal care – in a body scrub. So, without further ado, here goes: Coffee grounds on their own or as the main ingredient can form the basis of a wonderful exfoliating body scrub. They invigorate the […]

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Rooibos: DIY skincare

Getting back to Rooibos, in this post I’m going to tell a bit about how this wonderful tea can be used to benefit your skin. The first and most obvious way is to drink it regularly. But Rooibos can also be used directly on the skin. Rooibos is very gentle and can be used beneficially […]

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