Why spotless?

The products sold to keep us and our homes clean and cared for often do the opposite. They undermine our health, threaten the purity of our air, water and soils, and damage our skin and hair even as they claim to care for them.

We don’t need them; we can do better.

Spotless shows you how to keep your body and home naturally clean and truly cared for, simply, cheaply and easily.

Here are some facts about using “ordinary” commercial cleaning products, and the spotless approach:

With “ordinary” products

With spotless

  • More and more we are creating home environments that may appear clean and clinical but are actually dangerous to our health and the health of the ecosystems that support us.
  • The costly products we use to clean and care for our bodies are likewise often dangerous to our health and the environment.

(More details on all this are below and at not so spotless.)

  • Using a few inexpensive ingredients, you are able to complete all your household cleaning and personal care. You do NOT have to compromise your standards of hygiene or appearance. In fact, these both benefit.
  • Your body, clothes and other belongings remain in better condition for longer.
  • And you stop personally harming the environment by adding harmful chemicals to the water system and the air.


  • We are exposing ourselves, our children and our foetuses to increased risks of poisonings, cancer, allergies and a range of other health threats (see here for details).
  • There is mounting evidence that using toxic chemicals to rid our homes of “germs” is an unwise approach which threatens our natural immune systems and fosters the development of “superbugs” (see more).
  • You use only simple, beneficial and naturally occurring substances that our bodies recognise and can use (look here for details).
  • Your body, clothing, food, home surfaces and air are safe from harmful residues, which improves your health generally and specifically reduces your allergy and cancer risks, and also the risks inherent in having a number of hazardous substances around your home (see more).


  • We then release our cleaning products down the drains, to contaminate water and soils, and wreak havoc with waste water treatment (to read more see here).
  • In factories, corporations churn out bottles, jars and cans of these sprays, fluids, powders and creams, and then they fly, ship and drive them around to distribute them to us – increasing costs, producing pollution and contributing to climate upheaval at every step.
  • Even the environmentally friendlier versions of these products require packaging and distribution, are often substantially more expensive, and sometimes are not as harmless as they claim. Though of course there are some wonderful exceptions.
  • Your grey water is safe to pour directly onto your garden, and does not add any nasties to the earth’s water supply or soils when it goes down the drain.
  • You hugely reduce the number of cans, jars and metal and plastic bottles you purchase and throw out or recycle (recycling also uses energy).
  • You are even be able to grow and produce some of what you need at home, if you like.
  • And you can reuse containers to store your new spotless products.
  • Everything that you release can easily be used and dealt with in nature without harm to ecosystems.


  • These hazardous products are also not cheap. We spend a lot on keeping ourselves and our homes “clean”,
  • even without factoring in the long-term environmental and health costs,
  • and the costs of the many poisonings that result from household cleaners and personal care products (read some poison statistics here).
  • You save a great deal of money, with no hidden or long-term costs to your health, others or the environment.
  • You buy only basic ingredients that can all be obtained in bulk, further reducing costs and trips to the shops.
  • And you do NOT find cleaning and caring for yourself and your family more difficult, complicated or time-consuming. It’s easy.