About spotless

The many cleaning and care products we generally use present us with a deep irony. Despite – or in fact because of – all our cleaning and grooming, we are in fact polluting ourselves, our health, our homes and our environment. We and our homes may appear spotless, but at a deeper and wider level we are sullied.

Our aim with this site is to show you what’s wrong with the way we normally go about “cleaning” and “caring” for ourselves and our homes and how many simple and better ways there are to achieve these goals. We want to show you how you can do this and what you’ll need. The rest is up to you.

Spotless goals

We’ve tried to:

  • spell out the problems with most commercial cleaning and care products;
  • provide links to lots more information so that you can delve deeper into these issues if you want to know more or aren’t convinced;
  • supply simple and effective, tried and tested ways to replace all the products we tend to use for household cleaning and personal care;
  • keep the core list of ingredients small, versatile, inexpensive, accessible and beneficial;
  • provide information about each ingredient I’ve mentioned (what it is, what it does, how it’s made, where it comes from);
  • give clear instructions on how to complete all the tasks you’re likely to need doing in both household cleaning and personal care;
  • begin to address some of the practical, psychological or social barriers that keep us from embracing change.

Much of the information and many of the recipes on this site exist in several places elsewhere in books and online. We’ve simply tried to gather and present them in one coherent and accessible place. We have also tried to make sure that all the information we’ve presented and all the instructions we’ve given are clear and reliable, and where we’ve not been satisfied or we’ve seen that gaps existed, we’ve adapted recipes or created and tested new ones. We’ll keep adding to and improving the site over time. We’ll also try to keep the blog pages regularly updated with relevant posts, so keep a look out, or subscribe to our RSS feed (top of the page) for updates.

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