Freshly ground, part two

coffee grounds

This next post in my series on re-using coffee grounds is on one way to benefit from them for personal care – in a body scrub. So, without further ado, here goes:

Coffee grounds on their own or as the main ingredient can form the basis of a wonderful exfoliating body scrub. They invigorate the circulation and are said to combat cellulite and help treat and prevent varicose veins. Apparently the caffeine in the grounds helps redistribute fat cells and acts as a vascular restrictor. (Certainly the expensive cellulite creams all contain caffeine.) The natural oils in the grounds, enhanced by the addition of olive and / or coconut oils, leave skin feeling smooth and silky, and the gentle abrasive action exfoliates well. You’re left with radiant skin and it’s a great way to continue enjoying the aroma of coffee in the morning! So, mix together:

  • a cup of coffee grounds (used are fine)
  • a quarter cup of sea salt or raw sugar
  • a quarter to half a cup of olive and / or coconut oils
  • optional – a dash of ground cinnamon (deepens the aroma as well as adding it’s own benefits to the skin, see below).

Wet your skin in a warm shower, then apply the scrub all over, massaging in circles towards your heart.

Applying the scrub can get quite messy so you may want to do it standing on a sheet of newspaper, but I just do it in the shower. I keep a bucket in the shower to catch excess water and use it to sluice off the mess after I’m done (whereas normally this water goes on the plants).

Shower off and pat skin dry. I find the oils in the scrub moisturiser enough, but you may want to follow up by rubbing on some olive oil, coconut oil or skin conditioning mousse.

Wet coffee grounds are notorious for becoming moldy. However, I have kept a quantity of this scrub in a container in my shower for several weeks without a problem. I think the salt and oil help prevent mould forming in this recipe. If you’re concerned about this just make enough for one application. (Conveniently, this will probably require just the grounds from your morning cup, plus about a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of oil.)

Adding cinnamon is great for the scent but also adds to the value of your scrub. Cinnamon encourages blood flow to the surface of the skin, oxygenating and feeding the skin as well as plumping it to reduce visible wrinkles. It dries out oily patches so is good for areas prone to acne and is soothing to skin irritations, probably again through bringing blood to the surface.

You can also use this mixture as a facial scrub in the same way. Massage gently in small circles and avoid the eyes.

There are more ways to use coffee grounds to follow, so drink up!

P.S. You can of course just use the grounds on their own as a scrub, which will certainly be beneficial and very simple! They are a bit rougher without the oil though, and the whole effect is not as moisturising. It is also harder to get them to stay where you put them, so it does get messier. Still, very good in a pinch.

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