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How to wash your hair

Background: Washing our hair is arguably the aspect of personal care that we are least likely to go totally homemade and environmentally friendly on. Perhaps this is vanity, or perhaps there just hasn’t ever really been a good enough alternative available. This is a shame, as shampoos are one of the worst culprits when it comes […]

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Baby wipe recipe upgrade

I’ve decided to revise my baby wipe recipe. It has always been one of my top favourite spotless recipes. The heavenly scent, the natural oils, the freedom from horrid commercial wipes laden with chemicals, while retaining the convenience of an all-in-one bottom (or messy face, or sticky finger) cleaner, the cost savings – all together […]

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Avoiding chlorine damage to skin and hair

There are several ways to keep swimming pools clean and hygienic without the use of chlorine. (I’ll write more about some of them in another post.) Nevertheless, many swimming pools (not to mention mains water supplies) are still maintained by treatment with this outdated poison. Among them is the pool at my local gym. Now, […]

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Rooibos: Solar tea

I’ve been using a lot of (and writing a lot about) Rooibos tea lately – at nappy changes, for rinsing my hair, on my skin, not to mention to drink. So I thought I’d share with you a very simple spotless way of making it (or any tea). It isn’t instant, but you can do […]

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Rooibos: Red head

As you may have noticed, I can’t get enough of Rooibos tea! One of the great things about the ingredients we recommend on spotless is their versatlility. Rooibos is certainly no exception. As I’ve written about recently, along with making a very healthy and tasty drink, Rooibos is great for the skin for a number […]

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Rooibos: DIY skincare

Getting back to Rooibos, in this post I’m going to tell a bit about how this wonderful tea can be used to benefit your skin. The first and most obvious way is to drink it regularly. But Rooibos can also be used directly on the skin. Rooibos is very gentle and can be used beneficially […]

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Spotless nipples

My next post was going to be on Rooibos again, and I will definitely be getting back to that. However, I have to digress first to tell you some other spotless discoveries I’ve made or remembered now that I’m a breastfeeding mom again. Many moms of newborns will be all too familiar with nipple problems, […]

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Rooibos: skin deep

My last post was about using Rooibos as a baby bum cleaner to avoid or treat nappy rash, but there are so many other wonderful uses for this herb that I’ve decided to write some more about it. This post is about the properties of Rooibos that relate to skin (and hair) care. As mentioned […]

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Rooibos: Tea baby

There’s already a baby section on spotless, but now that I am back in the world of tiny people, I’m finding and remembering other ideas you may find useful. Here’s one: I love the baby wipe recipe and will definitely go back to using it later on, especially for outings, but for tiny ones I […]

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