Does it matter?

When so many big issues exist in the world, worthy of (if not receiving) our attention, should we be concerned about tackling the problems with our cleaning and grooming? When big industries pollute the air, water and soil on a massive scale and with impunity, how much difference will cleaning up our small part in polluting them, really make, either to ourselves or to the earth? When so much in our environment is beyond our control, should we bother with a few small changes at home? Surely the effort is not worth the impact?

It is.

Firstly, the impact these changes will make to your personal health and well-being and the immediate surroundings that you inhabit in your home, are significant. As described in what you’ll need (and why), the products we use directly on our bodies and around our homes have unrestricted access to our bloodstreams through various exposure routes. Exchanging harmful and often toxic products for benign, natural substances will definitely have an impact on your body (and those of your family), both immediately and over the long-term.

Secondly, the psychological (and real) liberation that comes with not needing to rely on mysterious, not to mention expensive and harmful, commercial products, is extremely empowering. Your newfound ability to take responsibility for exactly what you use in your home and on your body is a triumph, which reaps rewards in your state of mind as well as in your cells. It is a great cure for apathy and you may well find its effects spreading to other areas of your life, getting you to think and question many other aspects from a fresh, empowered stance.

We have forgotten that there was a time, not so very long ago, when people managed just fine without most of the products that seem indispensible to us today. We have been told (and believe) that their hair didn’t look as good as ours, or their homes smell as sweet, and that they had to spend much more time on tasks that now, with the help of our new products, are quick and easy. We hope that this site will help you to experience the truth that you can look and feel truly clean and beautiful without spending money on exposing yourself to damage and poisoning your surroundings. There is nothing convenient or beautiful about sick bodies and poisoned earth.

Leaving the use, and hence the production, of harmful “cleaning” and “care” products behind us, would impact hugely on wider society and the general environment. The health and well-being of all of us, and our surroundings, would improve dramatically. But for this to happen, the message of spotless needs to reach a broad audience. Is this possible?

It is up to you.