Rooibos: Solar tea

solar teaI’ve been using a lot of (and writing a lot about) Rooibos tea lately – at nappy changes, for rinsing my hair, on my skin, not to mention to drink. So I thought I’d share with you a very simple spotless way of making it (or any tea). It isn’t instant, but you can do it without needing to use electricity or gas to boil a kettle. It’s called solar tea.

Clean out a good sized glass jar and remove any labels. The glass can be clear, or any colour. Add water and tea leaves or teabags to your jar, and set it in the sun. On a sunny day, a couple of hours is enough to make warm tea. You can also use a glass teapot of course, or a glass plunge pot used for making coffee, which has a nice spout for pouring. Enjoy!

P.S. To remove labels from a jar easily, first moisten with vinegar to loosen the glue. For stubborn glue, soak in a vinegar water solution or drape a cloth dampened with vinegar over the label and leave it for an hour or more before rubbing off.

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