Lavender, part three – other infusions

Here are four more very easy ways to harness the fragrance and power of Lavender in infusions.

Lavender tea

  • Add one to two teaspoons of dried Lavender flowers, or one to two tablespoon of fresh heads, to a cup of freshly boiled water.
  • Steep for five to ten minutes.
  • Strain and drink, sweetened with honey to taste.


  • This tea can be drunk to calm the nerves, uplift the spirit, fight insomnia and relieve headaches.
  • Make a compress with the warm infusion by soaking a small towel or cloth in it and applying it as needed. A Lavender compress can be used to relieve headaches, congestion and tension.
  • Apply a Lavender compress to the skin to treat acne or to soothe and heal any skin irritation.
  • Use as a hair rinse, or to dilute the vinegar when washing your hair.
  • Use alone or to dilute vinegar as a soothing, balancing skin toner.
  • Use for a soothing facial steam. Pour into a basin and lean over it with a towel draped over your head. Allow the steam to open and cleanse pores and ease breathing.
  • Add to your baby’s bath water (or your own) for extra cleansing, soothing and to help prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Intense Lavender infusion

  • Use five teaspoons of dried flowers to each cup of boiled water.
  • Steep for ten minutes, then strain and allow to cool.


  • This stronger infusion can be used directly to clean and disinfect wounds and to treat burns.
  • It can also be used in all the same ways as the tea above.

*Note* For both the above infusions, remember that instead of boiling water you can make a solar tea.

Lavender honey

  • Fill a jar a quarter of the way with dried Lavender flowers, then add honey to fill the jar.
  • Allow the honey to settle, then top it up again.
  • Leave the jar in a warm place for a week, turning it upside down once a day to allow all the honey to come into contact with the flowers.
  • Place the jar in a bowl of warm to hot water to gently warm the honey (this makes it runny enough to strain).
  • Strain the honey using a tea strainer, into the jar you will store it in.


  • Lavender honey is delicious.
  • It also combines the properties of Lavender with all the many uses for skin and hair care that plain honey holds – more on that another time.

Lavender infused olive oil

Use the same method as for Lavender vinegar. However, a bit of extra care is needed to avoid contaminating the oil:

  • Rinse the Lavender carefully and allow to air-dry thoroughly before you begin.
  • All the plant matter must be submerged in the oil. Weigh the Lavender down with a small clean, dry stone to help ensure it is totally submerged.
  • After straining, allow the oil to stand so that any water rises to the surface. Remove this with a dropper.
  • You can use this same method with grapeseed, almond or any other oil.


Use your Lavender infused oil as a culinary treat, for spotless skin and hair care, as a skin oil for babies, or for an aromatherapy massage.

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