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Toothpaste – Tub vs Tube

Once upon a time, all toothpaste was sold in jars. Nowadays, almost all toothpaste comes in tubes made of plastic laminate, a substance known as a “monstrous hybrid” by environmentalists as it is almost impossible to recycle. The composite parts, made of different types of plastic, are incredibly hard to separate (as they must be […]

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Toothsome Toothpaste – why try it?

I’ve been working on some new toothpastes to flesh out my range at The Apothecary, and I realised I had so much to say about them that I needed to devote a whole post to the topic! I use the Spotless toothpaste as my base recipe for The Apothecary toothpaste range. I wrote quite a […]

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The best toothpaste ever

I have no idea why this one has taken me so long. Well, maybe I do. Personally, I quite enjoy brushing with plain old bicarb (baking soda) and have found it to be very effective. My teeth are white and clean. The strange salty taste doesn’t bother me. And I love its complete simplicity. Really, […]

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Travelling light

Have you noticed the sweet little collections of tiny packages of personal care products, marketed as convenient, pint-sized travel packs? They seem more like a waste of excessive packaging to me, but there is definitely something appealing about having everything you need, ready to use, and not taking up a lot of space, when you […]

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