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The aisles

Every now and then, out of morbid curiosity, I take a wander down the two aisles I otherwise avoid in the supermarket: you guessed it, household cleaning and personal care. In both, I am overwhelmed by a couple of impressions. First, and especially in the cleaning aisle, is the air, laden with artificial fragrances that […]

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Generous abundance

I want to digress from my series on coffee grounds for a moment, to write about a more general idea that has been on my mind lately – abundance. It’s not completely off topic though, as I started thinking about this a lot during my research and experimenting with grounds for the coffee posts. The […]

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Why change is hard

Human behaviour is notoriously difficult to change. Once we have settled on a way of doing things, we stick to it doggedly, even in the face of doom. At the same time, the opposite is true. We race ahead happily on the coat tails of our rapidly developing technologies, embracing innovation at every turn and […]

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