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Meditating on the meaning of growing a vegetable

I was recently considering what images to use in a post I wrote about organic food. I thought the point I was making might best be illustrated by contrasting an image of a pre-packaged bag of shop-bought organic salad leaves, with a shot of a lettuce growing in my garden. It really got me thinking. […]

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All you need is love

I had a chat with a friend today that really got me thinking more deeply about something that I have been trying to work out for a while. My friend is a thoughtful, caring person who tries hard to do the right thing. She’s also a busy working mother of three. She was saying that while she cares about […]

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Welcome back

Hello. Well, it has been a while. Two years in fact, since I last put up a post, and four since we launched on 10/10/10. What has happened in the interim? On a personal front,  my family life has been all-consuming and I needed to immerse myself in it thoroughly for a while. There have […]

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Spotless meat

The production and consumption of factory-farmed meat is an issue we should all take seriously. Intensively farmed meat is detrimental to: our health the environment the livelihoods of small farmers the lives of farmed animals Cheap meat does in fact have a hefty price tag, one we are paying for in our deteriorating health, our […]

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The aisles

Every now and then, out of morbid curiosity, I take a wander down the two aisles I otherwise avoid in the supermarket: you guessed it, household cleaning and personal care. In both, I am overwhelmed by a couple of impressions. First, and especially in the cleaning aisle, is the air, laden with artificial fragrances that […]

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Generous abundance

I want to digress from my series on coffee grounds for a moment, to write about a more general idea that has been on my mind lately – abundance. It’s not completely off topic though, as I started thinking about this a lot during my research and experimenting with grounds for the coffee posts. The […]

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Why change is hard

Human behaviour is notoriously difficult to change. Once we have settled on a way of doing things, we stick to it doggedly, even in the face of doom. At the same time, the opposite is true. We race ahead happily on the coat tails of our rapidly developing technologies, embracing innovation at every turn and […]

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spotless launches on 10/10/10!

On 10 October 2010 people all over the world will take part in a Global Work Party, initiated by 350.org and supported by a host of other organisations. The day 10/10/10 has been chosen as a moment when people everywhere celebrate concrete climate solutions and send a clear message to “leaders” that we are already […]

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