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Rooibos: Red head

As you may have noticed, I can’t get enough of Rooibos tea! One of the great things about the ingredients [1] we recommend on spotless [2] is their versatlility. Rooibos is certainly no exception. As I’ve written about recently, along with making a very healthy and tasty drink, Rooibos is great for the skin [3] for a number of reasons [4] and is useful in caring for babies [5]. It also promotes good sleep, eases stomach cramps, is anti-inflammatory and helps protect against cancer. All with zero negative side effects. As if all this were not enough, one of the most rewarding ways to use it is in hair care. It has a number of benefits for hair, and this post is dedicated to sharing them with you.

In brief, Rooibos has the following perks for hair:

The best news is that it is very simple to use Rooibos on your hair and start benefiting from these great properties. Here are some ways: