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Lavender, part two – Lavender vinegar

Infusions are an incredibly simple, direct way to capture the essence of herbs and plants and enhance the properties of whatever you’re infusing them with. They can turn a very basic substance into something really special, and one of the best candidates for making infusions is Lavender.

Add fresh Lavender flowers and leaves to a bottle of vinegar (spirit, white wine or apple cider vinegar, depending on your choice) and allow the Lavender essence to slowly infuse into the liquid. The efficacy of the vinegar will be enhanced by the addition, and it smells fabulous. (Lavender flowers will also pass their colour to the vinegar.) If your Lavender is not in bloom, you can use leaves and stems instead, though the infusion will be a bit less potent.

Lavender vinegar is an amazingly versatile substance that can be used in place of ordinary vinegar for all the many, many spotless jobs that vinegar [1] can perform, from all-purpose cleaner [2], fabric softener [3] and toilet cleaner [4], to skin toner [5], warm compress and hair conditioner [6].

How to make it

Lavender vinegar


Next time I’ll tell you about some other easy Lavender infusions.