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Rooibos: DIY skincare

Getting back to Rooibos, in this post I’m going to tell a bit about how this wonderful tea can be used to benefit your skin. The first and most obvious way is to drink it regularly. But Rooibos can also be used directly on the skin.

Rooibos is very gentle and can be used beneficially on all types of skin, but it is particularly useful for oily skin, acne, eczema or psoriasis, any rash or irritation, allergies and sunburn. It is appearing in more and more cosmetics and personal care products, but here are some easy spotless [1] ways to use it:

As a face wash

As a toner

As a compress

As a cooling spritz

For a facial steam

In your bath

In a face pack (mask)

Yesterday evening I decided to indulge my skin in a complete Rooibos treatment. Here’s how it went:

Overall, I was delighted and will definitely be repeating all of these. My skin was left glowing and felt wonderful. I ended off by celebrating with a warm cup of Rooibos before bed (Rooibos also promotes a peaceful sleep). Cheers!