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As discussed in what you’ll need (and why) [1], the skin, while an amazing organ, is not an effective barrier and in fact allows much of what is applied to it to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Women who apply makeup every day and use commercial cleaning and grooming products are estimated [2] to absorb nearly 5 pounds (about 2 kilograms) of synthetic chemicals through their skin each year. Other ingredients are not absorbed but instead form a suffocating layer which stops the skin from respiring. Wouldn’t you rather be applying natural, beneficial substances that your skin and body can recognise and use?

Here are some benign spotless ways to truly nurture and protect your skin and body without causing harm to yourself or the environment.


Luxury deodorant

Coconut oil helps to deodorise because of its anti-bacterial action, while also caring for the skin. This mixture forms a stiff paste which is very, very effective.

Simple deodorants

Bath and shower

Body wash

Body scrub

Bath salts and soaks


Rejuvenating and detoxifying

Relaxing bath salts

My favourite simple bath salts mixture is:

Exchange the lavender oil for another essential oil [9] of your choice for a different experience.

Skin conditioner

Paradoxically, your skin is at its most vulnerable to infection immediately after being washed, especially with hot water and harsh cleaners, as its natural protective layer has been stripped and the balance of micro-organisms disrupted. It is also a convenient time to apply a skin conditioner. Unlike many commercial “care” products [11], all of these will protect and nourish your skin, help it restore its natural balance, and boost its natural well-being without stifling respiration.