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Babies are more vulnerable than anyone to the many harsh and dangerous chemicals lurking in most household products, even those supposedly designed for them. And we want to protect them more than anyone.

Following the spotless approach to washing [1] your baby’s clothing, linen etc. as well as cleaning your home [2] the spotless way will go a long way to help prevent skin irritations, rashes, and respiratory problems and reduce her risks of ever developing asthma, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, as well as cancers, nervous disorders and reproductive abnormalities. All these are threats [3] that most “ordinary” household products, even baby products, carry.

Here are some spotless ways to take care of your baby simply and naturally.

Baby wash

Baby shampoo

Baby moisturiser and nappy cream

Baby powder

Baby wipes

For tiny babies we suggest you stick to cotton wool and water, or even better Rooibos tea (see our blog [8] about this). But for older babies and outings, baby wipes are great.

These wipes may sound a little complicated to make at first but now only take us a few minutes to make. They work very well: they’re perhaps a little less robust than “ordinary” wipes but are very effective and gentle. If yours tear easily use less water, or more if they seem too dry (paper towels do vary in thickness; we buy the cheapest brand and they work just fine). The oils mean that you hardly need to use nappy cream.

You can have a look at some images in this blog post [10].

Nappy soak