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Here’s how to extend your spotless cleaning beyond the inside of your house.

(On the topic of outside, another benefit of washing and cleaning this way is that all your cleaning water is safe to use on your garden. So divert your waste water pipes from washing machine and dishwasher to run out over your lawn or beds, and pour out your dish and bath water onto pot plants etc, or use it to flush the loo. Really grimy water can go on the compost heap. Conserve precious water and cut down your water bill.)


Car wash

Car interior

Car wax

(This is one very rare job that uses extra ingredients – sorry!)

To clean a car battery

Braai/barbeque cleaner

Pet care

Wet wash

Dry wash


Pool toy cleaner

Swimming pool

pH: >7.2 7.2 – 7.5 > 7.5
Add per 10,000 gallons of water: 1.5 kg 1kg do not add