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Well, it has been a while. Two years in fact, since I last put up a post, and four since we launched on 10/10/10.

What has happened in the interim?

On a personal front,  my family life has been all-consuming and I needed to immerse myself in it thoroughly for a while. There have been trials and tribulations, and everyday routines that left me with little time for anything else.

For spotless it has been useful time nevertheless. I have continued to research, collect, contemplate, create, experiment and try to live the spotless way more and more. I return more convinced than ever that it matters.

Traffic through the site has been encouraging; I am so glad that spotless is reaching people. If the site has been thought-provoking, good; it it has provoked action, excellent.

On the whole, however, the problems remain – and worsen. The state of affairs I described in more about spotless is slowly being challenged, but for the most part it is business as usual. As much as we strive to keep ourselves, our families and our homes clean and cared for, the net result is contamination and destruction. There is so much to be done, and we cannot look elsewhere for it to happen. We have to take these issues into our own hands and do what we needs to be done.

Fortunately, while the challenges remain urgent, the positives are likewise as substantial as ever. More and more people are aware that change is needed, and are searching for the means to make it happen. I return certain that we are searching in the wrong places when we rail against governments and companies to improve things on our behalf. We need to realise our own power and change the way we do things. Spotless can help you to start that process. From a small start, you will become increasingly empowered; don’t be surprised to see it spread into other aspects of your life.

Over the past years my sense of liberation has been one of the greatest gifts spotless has brought me, and I would so love to share that with you. I am now so accustomed to my spotless ways of doing things that the thought of buying an “ordinary” commercial cleaning or personal care product seems faintly bizarre. I am well beyond the reach of  advertising campaigns, green-washing, or claims of value for money. I know I can do all I need without the lot of it, and it is so much more fun, creative and empoweringI return more eager than ever for you to share this freedom from the tyranny of the supermarket aisle.

The bounty of nature is waiting for you, with everything you may need. I return as excited as ever to offer you some of the ways I have learned to use simple, natural, edible ingredients to perform a multitude of tasks. Without harming, contaminating or impoverishing the soil, the water, yourself or the neighbours (human or otherwise).

Join us. We can’t do it alone.

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