The 10/10/10 video

In my previous (and first) post I talked about how we’d timed the launch of spotless to coincide with, and be a part of, the 10/10/10 Global Work Party. Here is a link to the video that has put together about the day and its message. It’s only one minute; do watch it.

Thanks to everyone who visited the site on that day, and at any time! We’ve been thrilled at the response so far. I’ll be stepping up my efforts to get into blogging after the weekend, as well as continuing to add to and improve the main site content.

Do remember that it’s easy to print out any page that you need to refer to often: just click on the Print Page icon at the top of any page. Of course, only do this if you will really make use of the piece of paper – it was grown on our precious trees!

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One Response to “The 10/10/10 video”

  1. Jenny October 15, 2010 at 10:45 pm #

    Hi Anne

    Well done for launching this wonderful rescource. What a great thing to have done for global workparty. Will definitely bookmark it and use it often. I have posted on my Facebook page too. A few comments – how about putting some photographs of your ingredients for the different cleaning recipes. Maybe a video clip or two showing how you use them effectively. Visual inspiration to change our ways!
    Also this comment box is quite hard to find – couldn’t find it on your home page.

    Best wishes for the site.

    XXX Jenny