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Cure for cradle cap

I’ve written about this solution before. In case you missed it though, and because I have recently rediscovered how brilliantly well it works, I’m writing about it again, in more detail. All my kids have had cradle cap, that flaky, crusty, yellowish skin rash on the scalp that many infants get (infantile or neonatal seborrhoeic […]

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Lavender, part three – other infusions

Here are four more very easy ways to harness the fragrance and power of Lavender in infusions. Lavender tea Add one to two teaspoons of dried Lavender flowers, or one to two tablespoon of fresh heads, to a cup of freshly boiled water. Steep for five to ten minutes. Strain and drink, sweetened with honey […]

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Deodorant dangers, part two (especially for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers)

When it comes to personal care products, especially deodorant, there are two main areas of concern for pregnant women and mothers of young babies: passing the toxins in them to your baby the way that they interfere with attachment. Toxins in breast milk and the womb Some of the most dangerous chemicals are those known […]

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Baby wipe recipe upgrade

I’ve decided to revise my baby wipe recipe. It has always been one of my top favourite spotless recipes. The heavenly scent, the natural oils, the freedom from horrid commercial wipes laden with chemicals, while retaining the convenience of an all-in-one bottom (or messy face, or sticky finger) cleaner, the cost savings – all together […]

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Rooibos: Solar tea

I’ve been using a lot of (and writing a lot about) Rooibos tea lately – at nappy changes, for rinsing my hair, on my skin, not to mention to drink. So I thought I’d share with you a very simple spotless way of making it (or any tea). It isn’t instant, but you can do […]

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Spotless nipples

My next post was going to be on Rooibos again, and I will definitely be getting back to that. However, I have to digress first to tell you some other spotless discoveries I’ve made or remembered now that I’m a breastfeeding mom again. Many moms of newborns will be all too familiar with nipple problems, […]

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Rooibos: Tea baby

There’s already a baby section on spotless, but now that I am back in the world of tiny people, I’m finding and remembering other ideas you may find useful. Here’s one: I love the baby wipe recipe and will definitely go back to using it later on, especially for outings, but for tiny ones I […]

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